The Jolly Corks Brewers Present

A Celebration of Local Homebrewing

Saturday, June 27th, 2015
6 - 10 PM

American Helicopter Museum
1220 American Blvd.,West Chester, PA

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The Chester County Homebrew Festival is a celebration of local homebrewing.

Enjoy an evening of good music and food, with an opportunity to vote for your favorite home-brewed beer, in our 5th annual fund-raising event.

We'll have the best local homebrewers in Chester County, PA, bringing out their best drafts for you to taste and rate.

What's more, we'll host the entire event at a really cool helicopter museum!

The Event: A Homebrew Festival

Chester County Homebrew Festival mugs

The Chester County Brewfest is Chester County Pennsylvania's home brewer festival, offering attendees the chance to sample and vote for their favorite home brewer.

Your ticket includes:

  • Buffet-style dinner!
  • Live music by Subterranean Groove Theory
  • Souvenir event glass! (First 100 guests only!)
  • Voting chips for the Peoples Choice award.

Many home brewers will be in attendance, offering samples of their latest brews to attendees to judge. Official judges will be on hand to offer a Best of Show prize. Winning brewers receive awards at the end of the evening.

Live Music: Subterranean Groove Theory

Subterranean Groove Theory

Subterranean Groove Theory is a streamlined rock/reggae band with an edgy blues sound. With a catalog of covers that range from classic to contemporary and mellow acoustic pieces to hard, driven rock jams, they are sure to provide something for every member of the audience.

SGT's goal is to have fun making music, and you can feel it when they play. Their genuine excitement and passion for what they do definitely adds to the performance and they are guaranteed to entertain any audience.

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The Chester County Brewers

The Homebrew Festival would be nothing without its brewers!

Below is just a handful of the homebrewers that are offering samples at the brewfest. See if any of what our brewers have in store whets your whistle…

Taylwind Brewing - Greg Lamoree & Ron Herman

This innovative duo, Greg Lamoree and Ron Herman, have brewed an addictively delicious beverage that's unlike anything that you've ever tasted. What's so unique about this beverage is that its' brewed with tea leaves. (yes, tea leaves)

About two and half years ago Greg was working on a fermenting vs. distilling project which drove him to perfect a method of maintaining healthy yeast during the brewing process. In seeking an alternative pairing in lieu of barley/malt, he was taken aback by the incomprehensible varieties of tea/additives that could be employed, so he tried brewing with this ingredient. After nailing the first batch, (to the delight of his friends, as it reached an ABV of 14%), he finally had the source of flavor he had been searching for, tea!

Greg shared his ingredients and proprietary process with his friend of over 25 years, Ron Herman, in late 2014. Since then, Ron has been providing samples to family, friends, local watering holes, and beer snobs across the area. This one of a kind tea based brew has received quite a bit of fanfare and numerous inquiries about purchasing, enough that contract brewing isn't too far off in their plans.

So go ahead and try a sip of your new favorite tea brew!

Teaquila - Tea Ale, 8% abv

As this brew's name is attempting to infer, (to one degree, obviously, and to another, slightly obtusely), it is made with tea, (an Earl Grey blend, to be specific), and has been infused with lemon, lime, and organic blue agave to spark notions of that romantically devilish intoxicant. If you have the hint of casual water and a comfortable lounging apparatus nearby, tell the server/pool boy/significant other to "Keep 'em coming"!

Coventry Forge Brewing - Jack Comiskey Jr.

In the early 90's I was introduced to craft beers and soon developed a passion for good tasting beers with some zest. I purchased my first home brew kit in 1996 from a store that was going out of business in Frazer. Boil-overs were a common occurrence at first. I wanted to learn more about the craft beer industry, so I switched over to an all grain brewing system. I initially brewed Pilsners and Lagers and have since added Stouts and Belgium Wheat's to my repertoire. I enjoy sharing my brews and networking with other brewers. I am in process of opening up a micro brewery in Montgomery County.

First Forged IPA - IPA, 6.7% abv

Everybody loves a flavorful IPA. Brewed with German Pale Ale Malts, Copper in color with just the right amount of hops added for a flavorful taste.

ABV 6.7% IBU 57.5 SRM 5.4

Just Right German Pilsner - Pilsner, 5.2% abv

Nothing like having a Pilsner on a hot summer day. This beer has a Medium Malt flavor, slightly hoppy, Gold color with a refreshing lite taste.

ABV 5.2% IBU 26.5 SRM 4.3

Smithy Brown Ale - Brown Ale, 6.0% abv

American brown ale with tremendous character. A chocolate flavor Aroma of caramelized malt and with subtle hop notes.

ABV 6.0% IBU 25 SRM 22

Kool Kat Brewing - Bruce Kramer and Lauren Koller

Lauren & Bruce have been brewing since 2010 and decided Kool Kat Brewing reflected both the shared K of their names but also the cat's that have a special place in their homes. We are proud to be reigning champs for the peoples choice at this event in 2014 and hope you enjoy this years effort.

Belgian Cherry Tart - Fruit Beer, 6.2% abv

This beer is an all grain Belgian Specialty Ale base with a very simple malt grain bill and a touch of wheat. A compelling bitter balance has been achieved with American and Noble hops, but minimal discernible hop flavors. This beer exhibits the typical spicy phenolic characteristics of Belgian ale that is produced by a warmer and longer fermentation. The clean malt backbone provides a nice pallet for the slightly sweet spicy characteristics of this Belgian style beer. A post fermentation addition of 100% tart cherry juice rounds out a fruity flavor with a dry finish. We hope you enjoy this beer. Enjoy!

Telegraph Road Brewing - Earle Bare

Route 125 French Barleywine - Barleywine, 11.7% abv

Brewed with French Pale Ale malt, numerous specialty malts and fermented with a French Saison yeast to make this smooth, warming, vanilla and dangerous ale,. Aged over a year, 3 months on French oak chips.

O.G. 1.099 F.G. 1.010 ABV 11.7% IBU 30

Llewellyn Lust - Maibock, 7.6% abv

Pilsen and Munich malts, moderately bittered with American grown, German bred hops and fermented with a German Bock yeast. Lagered for eleven weeks to make a full bodied, pale colored beer that is the perfect transition from the dark winter Bock beers to the summer Pilsners, Lagers and Wheat beers.

O.G. 1.071 F.G. 1.013 ABV 7.6% IBU 32

Telegraph Road DIPA - DIPA, 8.0% abv

An American Double IPA brewed with German Pilsner and Munich malts using 7 different kettle hops and fermented cool with a German Kolsch yeast.

O.G. 1.076 F.G. 1.015 ABV 8.0% IBU 73

Groundhog College Baltic Porter - Baltic Porter, 9.9% abv

Chocolate notes and a lighter body describe this Porter brewed with Polish Lublin hops and fermented with a German lager yeast.

O.G. 1.094 F.G. 1.018 ABV 9.9% IBU 38

Monty Leach

I've been brewing for between 5 and 6 years now. I previously won the Philadelphia Extreme Homebrew Challenge, which earned me the privilege to have my "Monty's m2E" brewed and served at Dogfish Head Brewpub. Tracy and I followed the beer to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver as it competed in the Pro/Am competition.

Methuselah - Flanders Brown (Oud bruin) 6.5% abv

He's tart, he's complex, he's funky, he's … well, he's old! This sour beer has been maturing for a year and a half, and now he's ready to challenge people's palates.

Key West - Fruit beer, 5% abv

This is a cream ale with Key limes added throughout the process. A refreshing summer quaffer at 5% abv.

Lock & Key - Jonny Myers, Keith Doyle, Shawn Dutkiewicz

We're Jonny Myers, Keith Doyle, and Shawn Dutkiewicz - good buddies whose personalities, shared experiences, and beer-swilling whimsy collide to form Lock & Key Brewing Co.

Keith is lifelong cousin and friend to Jon, and close friend to Shawn who has been Jon's best friend since 1982, the very same year E.T., TRON, and Poltergeist hit theatres.

Keith Doyle, our ordained brewmaster, has nearly 20 homebrews to his credit. An ex-marine and beer recipe whiz, he hails from Lansdale, PA, where he lives with his wife (Amanda) and two sons (Keegan and Brennan).

Shawn Dutkiewicz (Doo-kev-idge), our assistant brewer with several successful batches to his own credit, is one of the youngest elementary school principals in Pennsylvania. He calls West Chester, PA home, where he resides with his wife, (Adriane) and two daughters (Elle and Isla).

Jon Myers, our marketing guy and assistant-assistant brewer, is quick with a word and enjoys writing about our beers nearly as much as he enjoys drinking them. He hangs his hat in Lansdale, PA, where he lives with his pregnant-and-due-in-October wife (Beth), daughter (Nora), and son (Reed).

Lazy Rye - Pale Ale, 6.5% abv

Americans are proud of all sorts of nationalistic things, like pick-up trucks, baseball, and enormous portions ("Hey, you gonna finish them taters?"). And while we might get a bum rap as a lazy lot, we're enterprising, energetic, and extraordinary when it comes to craft beer. Take this pale ale brewed with rye. It might look like Rolling Rock's darker stepbrother, but that's just the rye coming out to party. Wanna dance?

'Merica! - Cream Ale, 7% abv

It ain't a Cream Ale (aka Lawnmower Ale) unless it's brewed in 'Merica by dudes rockin' mullets and flannel shirts with the sleeves cut off. This here Imperial Cream Ale is like takin' yer Craftsman ridin' mower, borin' out her motor, and tossin' a supercharger, blower, and dual exhaust on her for some real giddy-up. Yeeeee-HA! Refreshin' as all get out yet tough n' wiry like a Louisiana muskrat lookin' for a good time, 'Merica gits it done in yer mouth real nice n' smooth like. Yeeeeeeeeeeee-HA!

Jason Sturgeon and Stephanie Smith

My name is Jason Sturgeon, I have been brewing beer for over 10 years. I have also tinkered around with some ciders, mead, and melomel. My brewing partner is Stephanie Smith, she has has assisted me with brewing beers for the last 3 years.

Junebug - Marzen/Oktoberfest

This Marzen style rauchbier is an all grain lager. The grain bill includes pils, 2-row, and smoked malt. The brewing liquor was infused with juniper berries. Hallertauer and Saaz hops were used during the boil. The beer was dry hopped with Crystal hops during fermentation.

This should be a mellow, amber lager with a malty backbone that finishes dry and a smoky nose! I hope you enjoy!

Tim & Shireen Dastis

Tim & Shireen have been brewing together for around 5 years. What started out as a fun boyfriend/girlfriend hobby is now a fun husband/wife hobby. Wherever their adventures take them good beer is never far behind. They will be entering the Chester County Brewfest for the 4th straight year. Placing 3rd in people's choice last year, they have refined their skills over the past year to find new recipes to bring out flavors and aromas never thought possible in beer.

A Dingo Ate My Baby IPA - IPA, 6.8% abv

As you may know from our previous entries, we're all about pushing the brewing envelope and trying new experiments with our beers. This year is no different. We took an old favorite, the West Coast IPA, and brought some down-under twist to it.

A big but simple malt bill set the stage and then stay out of the way of the ensuing hop wave. Via a blend of New Zealand hop varieties including Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Wakatu, exotic flavors and aromas of sticky tropical fruit are abundant. We finished it off by tossing in a few ounces of Citra to bring the flavor back home with some classic West Coast dankness.

Broken Dog - Corey Ross

This is the 3rd year participating in the Chester County Home Brew Fest for Broken Dog. Broken Dog is located in West Bradford Township and has been around for 3 years formally but we've been home brewing for almost 15 years now.

Crosseyed and Painless - IPA, 7% abv

The IPA is called Crosseyed and Painless and is loaded with a bunch of hoppy goodness. On the low end of the scale in terms of color and on the high end of IBUs a lot of late addition hops and dry hopping give this beer a floral, citrusy swagger. Clocking in around 7% abv, this will be a sure fire drinker for those hop heads out there. Keeping it domestic with the hops…centennial, amarillo and citra will give you a ride to Flavor Town via the Hop Express.

Robert Matthew Van Winkle (RMVW) - Porter, 5.5% abv

The vanilla porter is called Robert Matthew Van Winkle or RMVW for short...but you all might know this beers namesake as someone else. Silky smooth like a 5.0...if there's a problem this beer will solve it....enough said. This beer rolls in at a modest 5.5% but the play of vanilla beans against the dark malts makes it drink like a vandal. Ok we're really done now.

Grove Brewing Company - Josh Grove

I have been brewing beer for about 5 years, and have been brewing all-grain for the past 3. I live in West Chester, and brew solely for my wife and I, but give plenty away to friends and family. I'm a big fan of heavy hopped, or big Belgian beers; however, I enjoy it all. (Exceptions apply) I'm brewing 2 ales this year, and they are my 2 favorite styles; a Belgian Dubbel, and an IPA. Enjoy!

Abbey Someone Belgian Dubbel - Belgian Dubbel, 7.4% abv

Abbey Someone is a complex Belgian Dubbel with big time body, and an expressive head. It's dark and smooth, boasting deep ripe fruit, malty sweetness, and a hint of caramel. Abbey Someone is brewed with homemade Amber Belgian candi sugar, and bottle conditioned to emulate the full aged experience of the Trappist classic. At 7.4% ABV, this Belgian boozer goes straight to the brain… Whose brain?

Bigger Boat IIPA - IIPA, 8.6% abv

Bigger Boat is a hopped up double IPA, with a nice malt backbone. The grain bill includes American 2-row, Maris Otter, and a touch of light crystal malt to balance out nine ounces of hops. Five different hops were used, producing a floral and spicy aroma, citrusy and fruity flavor, and a nice clean bitter finish. At 90 IBU, and 8.6% ABV, it is not for the faint of palate. In fact… you might need a bigger boat.

Main Line Brewers Assoc. Homebrew Club - Nate Tolvasia

I jumped into brewing in January 2013 and went straight to all grain one day while in between jobs. I drank my last Domestic Macro beer and set a course for better hand crafted goodness that I've heard so much about. I threw some equipment together and went to my local homebrew shop, Brew Your Own Beer, in Havertown, for more information. My friend John Reynolds of Brew Your Own Beer shop, gave me some pointers and off I went attempting to make handcrafted delicious beer for the first time. It took many batches to get it right, because I realized that an IPA that tasted like Bananas wasn't acceptable, but with help from internet resources and my homebrewers club, Main Line Brewers Assoc., I started making acceptable beer. Like most homebrewers, my setup is nothing more than a cooler for mashing, a kettle to boil and a basement to ferment in. I have been fortunate enough to win a medal or two over the last year or so and I have visions of a small batch brewery in the future. Currently, I am the President of the Main Line Brewers Association, and we meet at the Iron Hill Brewery in Ardmore, PA. If you live or find yourself in the area on the first Thursday of a month, please stop by and say Hi. Check out Main Line Brewers' calendar of events on Facebook or on Twitter @MainLineBrewers.

Crazy WIPA Snappa - WIPA, 6% abv

A clean crisp White IPA brewed with US 2 Row and Wheat Malts. El Dorado hops used up front of the boil, then finished with Amarillo and Citra. Dry hopped with Citra for a refreshing mouthfeel. Coriander and Sweet Orange peel were added for character and finished off with Belgian yeast. This is a great beer for a hot summer day or night. Enjoy!

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 60 SRM: 4

Havertown Brown - Brown Ale, 6.3% abv

A sweet and slightly roasty aroma upfront, followed by deep hop character. Medium body holds the Brown Ale characteristic, while Amarillo and Cascade hops bring it all home. Dry hopped with Cascade for a truly Americanized brew.

ABV: 6.3% IBU: 40 SRM: 23

Dean Pierce

I am Dean Pierce. of Pierce Brewing Company. We are looking to ultimately open up our own microbrewery in the Reading/Lancaster area within the next few years. I have been homebrewing for about two years now and have gathered several awards for my concoctions. I have two children, a son of 9 months and a daughter of 6 years and one more on the way, when I am not brewing or working my "real" job, I enjoy spending my time with them and watching all kinds of sports, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State Football. Please follow our progress on the brewery on Facebook or @PierceBrewCo and don't forget to check in our brews on Untappd ... Cheers!!

The Frolicking Monk - Pale Ale, 6.8% abv

Belgian Pale Ale w/clementine peel & tangerine juice

IBU: 45

Grains: Two Row, White Wheat, Oats

Hops: Equinox, Mandarina, Lemon Drop

Introducing our seasonal Spring Belgian Pale Ale. Brewed to celebrate the end of the seemingly endless Winter of 2015. This hoppy, refreshing beer includes wheat, Belgian Pilsner, and flaked oats, fresh clementine peel, and 100% pure tangerine juice. Bittered with Equinox hops and loads of Mandarina hops in the kettle. Dry-hopped with Equinox, Mandarina, and Lemon Drop hops. Fermented with a playful Belgian yeast to leave the beer with slight fruit esters and a dry finish.

Bundle of Joy Too - Oatmeal Stout, 9% abv

Imperial Oatmeal Stout w/Jarrylo and Ella hops

IBU: 65

Grains: Two Row, Flaked Oats, Midnight Wheat, Roasted Barley, Special B, De-Bittered Black

Hops: Jarrylo, Ella

A follow up to our Belgian Imperial Stout "Bundle of Joy", which was brewed to honor the birth of my first son, "Bundle of Joy Too" is brewed to honor the birth of my next son who is due October 28th. For this version I wanted to go with a straight forward and well crafted British style Imperial stout with delectable roasted malts, delicious and unique hop varieties, and loads of flaked oats to create a big and silky mouth feel. This stout ale does just that, brewed with Jarrylo and Ella hops and Midnight Wheat as the featured dark malt, fermented with a classic British Ale yeast to leave a nice malty finish.

Strangers to Ourselves - Barleywine, 14.2% abv

Belgian Barleywine w/Paradise seed & aged on Meyer lemon peel

IBU: 20

Grains: Pilsner, Oat, Rye, Belgian Candi Syrup

Hops: New Zealand Pacific Jade

A spicy Belgian Barleywine; brewed to honor the long awaited release of our favorite band's new album, "Strangers to Ourselves". And as the name suggests, maybe sometimes you need to re-invent yourself to truly know yourself.. We brewed this beer with that same mindset. At 14.2% this is our biggest beer to date, we loaded it with oat & rye malts, also brewed with Paradise seed, hopped mildly with New Zealand Pacific Jade, and aged on fresh Meyer lemon peels and zest. Fermented with the most powerful Farmhouse yeast available.

Landlocked Brewery - Robert Paes

I began brewing with extract in 2010, suffered through a few years frustrated by limited creativity, and upgraded to all-grain brewing in January 2013. The switch to all-grain was eye opening for me. I knew it would produce a better beer, but I was amazed at how fresh and - dare I say it - professional it tasted… My hobby was officially transformed into a passion!

When I can't actually brew, I find a creative outlet in conceptualizing a beer and then designing a recipe that fits it. The variables in recipe design fascinate me, and it is not uncommon for my one concept to develop into multiple beers. I'm conscious of the history behind beer styles, and I am capable of following BJCP guidelines when called for, but I am not afraid to take chances. If I'm walking the fence of "safe vs. creative", I'm eventually going to fall on the creative side.

Born and raised on the Jersey shore, I have called West Chester home since 2007. Having spent most of my life with the ocean in my back yard, I always joke that I am now landlocked in PA… So, when thinking of a name for my little home brewing operation, "Landlocked Brewery" was born. I have a catalog of surfing and snowboarding themed beers, along with a long list of other "one-offs", each with their own story to tell.

Would I like to take this passion to occupation? Sure, in a perfect world. Until then, I am content living vicariously through my fictitious little brewery, and sharing my beers with as many people as I can. I hope you enjoy it!

Floater Pale Ale - American Pale Ale, 5% ABV

Inspired by the floater, where surfers glide weightlessly across a bed of foam before plunging back down into the heart of the wave, this American Pale Ale will awaken your senses through a creamy, tropical head that marks the launch of your sensational ride. The predominant citrus flavored hops blend effortlessly with Pale & Honey malts to make this medium-bodied session ale the perfect beer for hop-adventurous drinkers, who occasionally like to avoid the high-octane wipeout common in larger beers!

RossBrau Craft Brew - Mark Ross

RossBrau Craft Brew is in its 6th year of making delicious beer in small batches. Since receiving a homebrew starter kit as a gift from his wife, brewer Mark Ross has created over 100 gallons of beer at his house in the borough of West Chester. Each 5 gallon batch represents a different style of beer as well as an opportunity to improve upon the homebrewing process. Shared with good friends and family, drinking a Rossbrau is as much a spirited celebration as it is a treat for your taste palate.

Local Pale Ale (LPA) - Pale Ale, 4.8% abv

This delicious ale was brewed a stone's throw away from the Elks club, on West Gay St. It features a smooth, light profile created by the use of pale and crystal grains. This batch was dry-hopped for 3 weeks using Chinook hops that were grown in Mark's backyard. The inclusion of Nugget and Cascade hops gives the beer the perfect amount of light bitterness and crisp finishing taste you associate with session beers, minus the (sometimes) overpowering hoppiness of an IPA. It's best enjoyed cold and all day!

Black Dog Cream Stout - Cream Stout, 5.6% abv

Inspired by an amazing cream stout sampled at the Kennett Brewfest last October, I felt it necessary to pay homage to a delicious but often overlooked style of beer. Flaked oats, barley and rye combine with the traditional pale and black patent malt grains in this recipe. After brewing, this batch was aged for 6 months to allow flavors to blend perfectly. Dark but easy drinking, the malty flavor and light hop profile is complemented by a bit of sweetness from the addition of milk sugar. Dark malts and lighter cream flavor seem to match the color scheme of our faithful companion, Hilo. Whatever is left of this keg will be enjoyed while lounging on the back deck with him!

Location: American Helicopter Museum

1220 American Blvd., West Chester, PA 19380

American Helicopter Museum

The American Helicopter Museum is the nation's premier aviation museum devoted exclusively to helicopters. The museum collects, restores and displays historic aircraft, chronicling the development of rotary wing aircraft.

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