The Jolly Corks Brewers Present

Four Play

A four course dinner event, with beer pairing from Levante Brewing!


Caprese salad with basil toasts
Bianco - Citrus Wheat Beer


Tilapia, cream sauce, roasted red bliss potato
Norseman ESB - Malt-forward British Style Ale


Pork tenderloin, rosemary sauce, French green beans
The Chief IPA - Sweet Malt & Citrus


Double Chocolate Cake iced with dark chocolate ganache
Irish Stout - Coffee & Chocolate with British Hops

Live Entertainment by Jake Currie

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The Chester County Homebrew Festival is a celebration of local homebrewing.

Enjoy an evening of good music and food, with an opportunity to vote for your favorite home-brewed beer, in our 4th annual fund-raising event.

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Saturday, June 21st, 6pm-10pm
West Chester Elks Lodge #853
401 W. Washington St.
West Chester, PA


The Event

The Chester County Brewfest is Chester County Pennsylvania's home brewer festival, offering attendees the chance to sample and vote for their favorite home brewer.

Your Ticket Includes:

Many home brewers will be in attendance, offering samples of their latest brews to attendees to judge. Official judges will be on hand to offer a Best of Show prize. Winning brewers receive awards at the end of the evening.

Our Brewers

The Homebrew Festival would be nothing without its brewers!

Here is a sampling of bios from the 15 participating homebrewers to whet your appetite:

RossBrau Craft Brew

RossBrau Craft Brew is in its 5th year of making delicious beer in small batches. Since receiving a homebrew starter kit as a gift from his wife, brewer Mark Ross has created about 75 gallons of beer at his house on West Gay St. Each 5 gallon batch represents a different style of beer as well as an opportunity to improve the homebrewing process. This season Mark has worked to create a beer in the British style that has a ton of character and flavor. He has always thoroughly enjoyed the British ESB (Extra Special Bitters) style because of its delicious malty flavor balanced with unique hops, and has developed a beer recipe that aims to replicate this style successfully.

Lord Cranky Pants ESB is the 3rd time this recipe has been brewed with minor adjustments to improve the balance of hops, malt, and specialty grains. When sampling, you will experience a taste characterized caramel, nut, and slight raisin flavors. These are provided by pale and crystal malts, which also add body and a richer color to the beer. The use of Kent Goldings provides a classic English finishing hop that adds a distinct crispness while not overwhelming the signature malt flavor of an ESB style. The aging process for this beer is a bit longer than usual, allowing for these flavors to complement each other as part of a perfectly balanced and delicious English Ale. Cheers!

Lord Cranky Pants ESB - 5.0% ABV, 40 IBU

Shireen and Tim Dastis

Shireen and Tim Dastis have been brewing for a little over three and a half years and are participating in Homebrew Fest for the third year in a row. Brew day for this team includes two strictly enforced rules--sanitize everything and always drink while you brew. When they're not brewing, Shireen and Tim try to travel as much as they can with the Maldives and Africa being some of their favorite trips. Whenever the weather allows these two are outside kayaking (and drinking their homebrew) or running, biking, hiking, or camping (and drinking their homebrew). When it's too cold they resort to indoor rock climbing--but it always ends with some good beers.

Last year the couple got married and did what every newlywed couple should do. They joined their local homebrew club. Sharing advice, recipes, and beer has helped them hone their homebrewing skills. With all the new breweries popping up its nice to think about going pro, but it's not for this couple. Their motto is to brew a little bit and drink a lot.

About our beer:

After a recent trip to San Diego where we consumed countless pints of some of the best IPAs in the country, we decided to try our hand at a creative West Coast IPA this year. Shifting direction from our past entries (which included a chocolate-peanut butter stout), we decided to brew something hop-forward with a subtle sweetness that we call Honey Bunches of Hops. Hop heads will love the citrusy aroma and flavor given off by the obnoxious amount of hops used. Beer heads (like us) will love the 8.5% alcohol by volume. To add a bit of balance and a little twist on the classic IPA we added local Orange Blossom honey, which rounds out the beer perfectly. Think Bell's Hopslam meets Green Flash's West Coast IPA. We hope the attendees of Homebrew Fest will enjoy this beer as much as we do!

Andrew Fox

Raspy Road - a chocolate raspberry stout brewed with whole raspberries, and pleasantly hopped with Nobel hops. Approximately 4.1%ABV

Single hop Citra ipa only two malts. Heavily dry hopped. Notes of citrus and tropical fruits. 5% ABV

Joshua Grove

Falcon Falls IPA- (Every Falcon Falls...)

This IPA is a tribute to Glen Hay Falconer- Pioneer of the Homebrew, and hero of the craft.

This IPA uses mostly Falconer's Flight hops; a hop created by Hop Union as tribute to the late great Glen Hay Falconer. There is some Chinook bitterness on the end, and some Cascade sweetness in the front, but Falconer's Flight dominates this beer, giving it a full, hop-heavy, and timeless IPA flavor.

On the malt side: mostly US 2 row, C40, and Carapils for color and body; balancing out the 10 oz. of hops used in this brew.

Falcon Falls IPA abv comes out around 6.8%- not too heavy, but will definitely make it's presence known.

I have been brewing for 2 years now. I started with extract kits for about a year, then went all-grain and never looked back. I frequent large hop bills, dark Belgians- and quite a few experimental and house beers mixed in.

One day I would like to go pro, but in the meantime have given some thought to opening a Homebrew shop right here in West Chester. It seems to me that West Chester WILL have a Homebrew shop at some point, so why not seize the opportunity?

Jason Sturgeon

My name is Jason Sturgeon, I have been brewing beer for 10 years. I have also tinkered around with some ciders, mead, and melomel. My brewing partner is Stephanie Smith, she has has assisted me with brewing beers for the last 2 years. We will be joined by Lauren Koller who introduced us to the Chester County Homebrew Fest and has been a participant the last 3 years. She will be helping us serve our delicious libations! We will be bringing the following beers:

Irish Pirate Ale - The Irish Pirate Ale is a dark Irish Red style ale. Its rich, toasted malts are complimented by a mild hop bitterness. We have made some improvements for 2014 and converted the recipe to an all-grain brew! 5%ABV

Burnt Marshmallow Stout - The Burnt Marshmallow Stout is a vanilla infused oatmeal stout that is sweet at the start and has a roast-y charred finish. This all-grain, full bodied stout will have plenty of character! 8%ABV

We look forward to seeing you and tasting all the goodness and creativity of the fellow brewers!

Broken Dog Brewing

Corey Ross from West Bradford Township, head brewer for Broken Dog Brewing, has been brewing with all-grain for 10+ years. This is his second year participating in the Chester County Brewfest.

First beer: A black ipa called el guapo.

Brewing notes:
6.0% abv
70 IBUs
5 different types of malt - 3 different types of domestic hops
The malt bill lays the foundation for the beer by offering a very dark brown color, medium mouthfeel and a very subdued roasted flavor to keep with the black ipa style. Late addition hopping and generous dry hopping gives this beer a very piney, citrusy flavor. This is an often brewed favorite at Broken Dog.

Second Beer: A double IPA called el jefe

Brewing notes:
9.8% abv
90 IBUs
Basic malt bill of domestic and English malts - 3 different types of domestic hops that start with the letter "C".
This is the debut of this recipe as we were cleaning out our hop supply and wanted to brew a beer that was representative of one of our favor styles. A very large portion of the hop bill was added in the last 30 min in the boil and in the secondary fermenter. As of this write-up the beer is still in the fermenter so the comprehensive tasting notes aren't fully developed yet. But what we do know so far, is that this is a big, hoppy beer worthy of being called the Boss.

Dean Pearce

Ephrata, PA

Social Media: Twitter @PierceBrewCo - - -

Goals: To go pro by early 2015, we have a location reserved in Wyomissing, PA

Awards: Over two dozen home brew awards since I started brewing in March of 2013

Hobbies: Spending time with my fiancee, Mallory and 5 year old daughter and anxiously awaiting the birth of my first son. Sports, especially football and baseball. Spending time with friends. Discovering new craft beers.

Honey-Hemp Cream Ale
Lawnmower Beer/Cream Ale
A modern twist to an American classic. Brewed for the Summer Beer fest season, light and crisp with a subtle hop presence. Brewed with flaked corn, roasted hemp seed, and fresh organic honey. Single hopped with Columbus and fermented with a classic cream ale yeast strain.
ABV: 5.6%
OG- 1.053
FG- 1.010
IBU's: 19

Malt Shop Stout
Chocolate-Cherry Oatmeal Milk Stout
Our homage to the classic 1950's malt shop. We took our American Oatmeal Stout and infused it with pure cherry juice, cocoa, and milk sugar. We are certain this beer will have everyone saying “That's boss, Daddy-O!!!” Brewed with roasted barley, Black Patent, Chocolate, and dark crystal malts. Flaked oats added for extra body. Fermented with a dry English strain.
ABV: 7.3%
OG- 1.086
FG- 1.030
IBU's: 40

Di Brews

Di Brews is back this year with a blueberry wheat ale. After our 2013 "People's Choice" runner up for Orange Kiss, we decided to try our hand with blueberries. This American wheat has the rosy hue of raspberries and the aroma of blueberries. The earthy flavors give way to a subdued bitterness in the finish.

Coventry Forge

Passion for Lagers and Ales: I purchased my first home brew kit back in 1996 from a store that was going out of business in Frazer.

Being as a beginner I was used a 2 gal cook pot on top of electric stove to brew may beers. Boil overs were common occurrence. I want to learn more about the craft beer business, so I switched over to all grain brewing system. Pilsner and Lagers are what I like to brew. I enjoy sharing my brews and networking with other brewers. Also I am in process of staring up small brewery in Montgomery County.

Coventry Forge Beers:

Everybody loves a flavorful IPA Ale Brewed with German Pale Ale malts, Also Copper in color. And also Just the Right amounts of hops are added for a flavorful taste.
ABV 6.7% IBU 57.5 SRM 5.4

Just Right German Pilsner
Nothing like having A Pilsner on hot summer day this beer has a medium malt flavor, slightly hopped. Golding and refreshing taste.
IBU 26.5 ABV 4.2% SRM 4.3

Brewer Jack Comiskey
Assistance Barb Comiskey

Monty Leach

I've been brewing for between 4 and 5 years now. Just days after last year's Chester County Brewfest, I went to Philadelphia and won the Philadelphia Extreme Homebrew Challenge, which earned me the privilege to have my "Monty's m2E" brewed and served at Dogfish Head Brewpub last August. Tracy and I followed the beer to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver as it competed in the Pro/Am competition.

This year we are (as usual) bringing two beers, both to celebrate Tracy's birthday (it's the day of the 'Fest!)

Birthday Berliner
A traditional German sour beer, Berliner Weiss, served with traditional optional raspberry and woodruff syrups. A very tart, refreshing beer. 4.5% abv

Party Pineapple Imperial India Pale Ale (P.P.I. I. P.A)
Per Tracy's request, A tropical-hop, "Triple-Pineappled" Imperial India Pale Ale at 9% abv

Lock & Key

Hefecitrus (Citrus Hefeweizen)

She may have been one of the lesser known German goddesses, but boy was she was a zesty and unfiltered hefer! When Hefecitrus wasn't arm wrestling dudes, breaking concrete with her teeth, or boring out the camshafts on her bi-turbo chariot pulled by 11 donkeys, she was tossing back wheat beers infused with the calming and refreshing zests of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. It was rumored that this four-way citrus splash balanced out the wheaty, yeasty edge of the unfiltered wheat beers that were her favorites. Paying homage to her, our Hefecitrus is brewed with a classic hefeweizen base and then made to her liking with the zest and juice of her four favorite citrus fruits. Take a taste and let the Hefecitrus course through your system all at once calming you and invigorating you with her zest and unfiltered zeal for life! ABV—4.4%

Flower of Life (IPA)
The Flower of Life is a geometrical figure composed of overlapping circles, which join forces to create a hexagon-like structure. It's actually quite beautiful. But since circles and hexagons are boring and dumb, we replaced them with grains, honey malt, and 10 ounces of six hop varieties, boiled them, fermented them, danced a little dry hop jig, and created a Flower of Life worth sniffing, admiring, and drinking. Hark, Lock & Key's Flower of Life! If you're ready for a synesthesia-like experience made rich with full body tingles and a euphoria rarely experienced outside of the bedroom, then by all means wrap your lips around our Flower of Life and start living your life for the first time ever. For it is here and now, standing before you, that we rejoice in your quest for life and humbly witness your rebirth! ABV—6.9%

Bruce Kramer

Kool Kat Brewing Cherry Blond
A smooth and light summer all, with a touch of fruit sweetness. Using a palette pleasing combination of Brewers malt with a little crystal for color yields a beer with a light summer body and about 5% ABV. The color may be closer to dirty blond, but that just does not sound good in the name. Only Tettnang hops were used to yield a slight bittering in the traditional German brewers style, and they provide a nice balance the malt sweetness. This beer is designed to be a refreshing summer beverage that is at home during a BBQ or picnic. The sour cherry notes help to make this a light and refreshing beer. We hope you enjoy this beer.

Bill Wasko

We are entering 2 beers. A honey wheat and an IPA we call Willy Hop.

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